Images of potential projects helped by the tax increase:

Additional images and information can be found by going to http://www.flickr.com/photos/plgrove/sets/72157634652414339/

Seismic Condition - in 2000 a seismic review of the existing building was done.  The final report is available for download.  2000 Fire Station Structural Survey

Apparatus Garage - the areas are separated and not sealed against cross contamination with living spaces.

Bathrooms/Restrooms - double as public restrooms. This creates the potential for several bad scenarios.

Conference Room - this area is small and does not accommodate staff personnel and is not conducive to training.

Crew Quarters - do not meet code egress requirements and do not allow for personal private space. Firefighters belonging storage is absent and troublesome.

Fire Station - Built as an addition to the PG High School in the late 1940s. This building house the lunch room, Kitchen and Shop Classes. Modified in the late 1980s adding garage doors for use as a fire station.

Hallways - Storage areas are at a premium. Every space has been utilized including hallways.

Kitchen - was built within a hallway and accommodates only one person at a time.

Laundry - The light and the heavy laundry are not separated as required by NFPA. There is no clean utility room and not decontaminated area. There is no hot water available to the laundry machines.

Main Man Door
- the door ion the station enters directly into the apparatus bay.

Medical Supply Storage - is houses in attic space is not secure, clean and properly ventilated.

Outside Setback - is unsafe because of the short distance from the street to the parking bays.

Reception Area
- is in a hallways corner. This is not a desirable greeting area.

Report Writing Area - is small and only supports one person at a time

SCBA Compressor - The breathing air fill station is not isolated and contributes high decibel level noise to the apparatus floor area.

Turnout Storage
- Firefighter turnout storage areas are not sealed against cross contamination of carcinogenic contamination or against ultraviolet lights degradations.

The Apparatus Bay Area - is small and does not accommodate all of the fire department's apparatus.