Statement of Votes Cast
Election Summary Report (General For Utah)
Pleasant Grove Summary




In the Pleasant Grove Municipal Council Special Meeting of November 21, 2017, the Mayor and Council members, acting as the Board of Canvassers, canvassed the General Election returns. I, Kathy T. Kresser, the duly chosen, qualified and acting City Recorder of the City of Pleasant Grove, County of Utah, State of Utah, certify that this is a true, correct copy of the Canvass Report for the November 7, 2017 Municipal General Election.


Candidates Name                   Total Votes

Guy Fugal                                   4,848

Cyd LeMone                              2,796


Candidates Name                            Total Votes

Dianna N. Andersen                       4,737

Todd Williams                                    4,052

Blaine Thatcher                                 2,845

Ben Stanley                                        2,591

Proposition #3                  Total Votes

AGAINST                                             5,276

FOR                                                        2,393

The Candidate receiving the highest number of votes and declared elected for the office of Mayor for a four year term is Guy Fugal. The two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes and declared elected for the office of City Council for a four-year term are: Dianna N. Andersen and Todd Williams.  

Proposition #3 enacting an ordinance requiring the transfer of $2,625,000.00 out of the General Fund Budget to fund road repair and maintenance as the primary budget priority received more NO (Against) votes and was therefore REJECTED by the voters.


The Pleasant Grove City Council voted to authorize Utah County to conduct the 2017 Primary and General Municipal Elections by using Vote by Mail, a system where all registered voters use absentee (Vote by Mail) ballots to vote.

Registered voters are not required to fill out an application for the vote by mail ballot; each registered voter will be mailed a ballot and instructions for returning the ballot. Ballots for the Primary Election will be mailed out by Tuesday, July 25; and for the General Election by Tuesday, October 17. Ballots must be mailed back and clearly postmarked the day before Election Day (5:55 p.m. to the post office) or placed in the ballot box at Pleasant Grove City Hall 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Primary Election Day - August 15, 2017
General Election Day - November 7, 2017

Sample Ballot


Why is Pleasant Grove moving to Vote By Mail? Initially, Pleasant Grove had intended to contract with Utah County to use the same voting machines that were used in the 2015 election. However, the equipment is not licensed and the support is not available from the vendor to conduct this year's election using this method. Furthermore, the County is only offering VBM to those municipalities that choose to contract with them for elections. Given these circumstances, VBM is the City's best option for the 2017 election.

Additionally, voters will have the convenience and satisfaction of voting in the comfort of their homes where they can research those candidates running for election. Once the ballot has been filled out and placed in the secure envelope, it can be mailed back to the County for processing.

Who pays for the postage? Pleasant Grove City will pay for the postage for residents to receive and return their mail in ballot for both the primary and general elections.

How do I register to vote? Online: In person: Utah County Clerk, Elections Office, 100 E Center Street, Rm 3100 Provo, Utah 84606. You must register to vote by August 8th to vote in the Primary Election. 

What day is the last day to register to vote/change an address by mail to receive a mail-in ballot? July 17 (postmarked)

When will I receive my ballot? All active, registered voters will receive a ballot mailed by the Elections Office three weeks before the election. Ballots for the Primary Election will be mailed out by Tuesday, July 25; and for the General Election by Tuesday, October 17.

All ballots determined undeliverable are returned to the County clerk's office.

How do I know if I am an active, registered voter? An active voter is a voter that has voted at least once in the last four years. Inactive voters will need to update their voter registration to receive a ballot in the mail. The fastest way to update your information is in person at the Utah County Elections Office in Provo or online at the following link: You can also mail a registration form to: Utah County Clerk, Elections Office, 100 E Center Street, Rm 3100 Provo, Utah 84606.

What if I lose (or never receive) my ballot? If you have not received your ballot within two weeks after they are mailed, call the Utah County Elections Office (801) 851-8109 ex 5. Your voter registration will be checked to ensure that the information is correct. If the address is correct, a replacement ballot will be sent. If your information has changed, your registration will need to be updated and a new ballot will be sent.

Can I pick up a ballot for a neighbor, child or parent? No. Ballots must be mailed to a registered voter's residential or mailing address. We cannot give or mail ballots to anyone other than the voter.

When must my ballot be returned? Ballots must be mailed and clearly postmarked the day before Election Day or placed in the ballot box at the Election Service Center (City Hall 70 S 100 E) by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

What if I make a mistake marking my ballot? Bring your voting material in to the Election Service Center (City Hall, 70 S 100 E) on Election Day to get a replacement ballot at which point the spoiled ballot would be accepted and the new ballot accounted for. The county will also handle this issue. Anyone wanting to get a new ballot can get one from the county until the Friday before the elections.

Can two ballots be returned in the same envelope? No. There should only be one ballot in each envelope. We must have an affidavit for each ballot.

Why do I need to sign the ballot affidavit on the envelope? This confirms the voter's identity. The County will compare the signature on the affidavit to your signature on your voter registration form.

What if my signature has changed? Complete a new voter registration form and submit it to the Utah County Elections Division.

What if I forgot to sign the affidavit on the envelope before I sealed it? If you are not sure whether you signed your affidavit, sign the outside of the envelope.

What if I signed another voter's affidavit? Cross off the wrong signature and sign the correct affidavit. If the envelope has already been sealed, you may sign the outside of the envelope.

What if I have a different address? Ballots cannot and will not be forwarded by the postal service. Therefore, if you are a registered voter and your address has changed, you must first update your information with the DMV: Next, go online to and make the change there. Voters can always check their addresses later on to make sure the information has been updated correctly.

Do I have to return my ballot by mail? No. Ballots may also be returned to the Pleasant Grove City Hall (70 S 100 E). Ballots being returned in person must be received by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

What if I want to vote in person? For those who prefer to bypass the mail and submit their ballots in person, they may securely do so at either the County or the Pleasant Grove City Hall. Additionally, votes may be cast in person by provisional ballot only at City Hall on Election Day. However, voting will still be with a mail-in ballot. The Center will be open from 7 am – 8 pm on Election Day.

Is there more or less voter turnout with VBM? In the 2016 General Election, 21 of 29 counties in Utah conducted VBM. Research shows that on average, voter turnout increases 10% to 15% with VBM. Some municipalities have experienced even higher results. For example, in 2013 West Jordan tested VBM and the City's turnout increased from 14% to 35%. In 2015, the return rate dropped slightly to 31.60%.

Who is participating in Vote by Mail in Utah County? All cities in Utah County.

Could election fraud happen with VBM? With any voting system there is the possibility of voter fraud. However, from 2000-2011 in Utah, 51 cases of alleged election fraud occurred with in-person voting. 0 cases of alleged VBM election fraud have been reported in Utah with 1.5 million registered.

What is the cost to the city for administering Vote by Mail?

Ballot programing $3,430.03

Ballot printing/mailing $35,656.19

Return postage $3,761.38

Total $42,947.60

$20,000 has been budgeted for past elections. An additional $25,000 was approved to cover the cost for a total of $45,000.

For more information regarding Vote by Mail please visit the City website at or contact Kathy Kresser, City Recorder/Election Officer at or 801-922-4528.



Proposition # 3 Ballot Title

Shall Pleasant Grove City enact an ordinance requiring the transfer every year of TWO MILLION SIX HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($2,625,000.00) from the General Fund to fund road repair and maintenance as the primary budget priority? Road repair and maintenance would be funded before other general fund services which include: library, parks, swimming pool, cultural arts, and senior citizen services. FY 2017 General Fund Budget is $12,581.333.00, the required transfer represents a 20.86% budget reduction for general fund services without additional funding. The ordinance states services other than roads could be funded by pursuing tax increases or other means.


For  [] Against []


To prepare an argument for or against a ballot proposition, an eligible voter shall file a request with the election officer at least 65 days before the election at which the ballot proposition is to be voted on. To file a request please contact Kathy Kresser, Election Officer/City Recorder, at or 801-922-4528 on or before September 1, 2017 by 11:00 am.

An eligible voter who submits an argument for or against shall:

(a) ensure that the argument does not exceed 500 words in length;

(b) ensure that the argument does not list more than five names as sponsors;

(c) submit the argument to the election officer no later than 60 days before the election day on which the ballot proposition will be submitted to the voters. (September 8, 2017 before 11:00 am)

(d) include with the argument the eligible voter's name, residential address, postal address, email address if available, and phone number.

The eligible voter who submitted a timely argument in favor of the ballot proposition:

(a) may submit to the election officer a rebuttal argument of the argument against the ballot proposition;

(b) shall ensure that the rebuttal argument does not exceed 250 words in length; and

(c) shall submit the rebuttal argument no later than 45 days before the election day on which the ballot proposition will be submitted to the voters. (September 22, 2017 before 11:00 am)

Proposition #3 is to be voted on at the November 7, 2017 Pleasant Grove City General Election.


Provisional Count

Alpine City Hall 97
American Fork Library 212
Cedar Hills City Office 53
Eagle Mountain City Hall 166
Elk Ridge City Hall 57
Genola Public Safety Building 20
Highland City Hall 130
Lehi City Hall 265
Lindon Community Center 98
Mapleton City Hall 216
Orem City Hall 412
Payson Municipal Building 87
Pleasant Grove Library 370
Provo City Rec Center 808
Salem City Office 77
Santaquin Senior Center 99
Saratoga Springs City Hall 50
Spanish Fork Senior Center 159
Springville Civic Center 249
Unincorporated 40
Vineyard Old City Hall 65
Woodland Hills 11
Total 3741


Absentee Count


Alpine City Hall 289
American Fork Library 316
Cedar Hills City Office 256
Eagle Mountain City Hall 533
Elk Ridge City Hall 84
Genola Public Safety Building 20
Highland City Hall 185
Lehi City Hall 920
Lindon Community Center 222
Mapleton City Hall 337
Orem City Hall 1109
Payson Municipal Building 129
Pleasant Grove Library 673
Provo City Rec Center 604
Salem City Office 187
Santaquin Senior Center 141
Saratoga Springs City Hall 216
Spanish Fork Senior Center 379
Springville Civic Center 398
Unincorporated 235
Vineyard Old City Hall 98
Woodland Hills 14
Total 7345