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Purpose of the Committee: The goal of this committee is to provide the City Council with multiple potential solutions to the public safety and justice court facilities needs. The potential solutions may span the gamut from doing nothing to building brand new and everything in between. Detailed analysis, programming, and cost estimates of each practical option should be included in the recommendations to the Council. A high level summary and reasons for options that were studied and dismissed will also be presented. The Judge, Fire Chief, and Police Chief along with other city employee expertise will be available to provide professional help. Outside professional services may be contracted with the approval from the City Council for financial expenditures. Volunteers with specific professional skills may be used, with the understanding that credentials and/or licensing in the specific field(s) is required for such recommendations. A structural engineering evaluation of the current old rec center, police/court building, fire station, and Beck home will be provided and must be considered in evaluating practical solutions and costs. There is no specific target date for this committee to finish its work. However, the committee will not unreasonably rush or unreasonably delay its efforts.

Requirements for potential candidates: Attendance at committee meetings will be mandatory. If a committee member misses two consecutive meetings they will be replaced with an alternate. The committee will create their meeting schedule to best accommodate those that are on the committee. Applicants must be willing to work with others who have strong opposing views and be able to negotiate, compromise, and support recommendations of the committee for the best interest of the majority of residents and public safety personnel. Each candidate will need to declare his or her past affiliation on this issue (support, oppose or neutral). The committee will be chaired by the Mayor and will consist of three members of each affiliation.

Download a PDF application here

Application Deadline: Applications are due by Monday, May 11th at 5:30 p.m. Applications can be dropped off or mailed to Kathy Kresser at City Hall at 70 S. 100 E., Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. You can also send a scanned copy to .

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